Jim Broughton jim.broughton48@gmail.com     01275 872734
1970 DEE3   Failed swb Landrover
1972 Trent Park College of Higher Education Morris 1000 - silver
Training to be an Art Teacher Porsche 356A  Orange
1975 Cert. Ed. Raleigh Wisp
1976 B.Ed. Triumph Herald   Green
 Teacher of Art in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire
Start of M.Phil (part time - thesis)
"Relationship Between Art & Science"
1977 Nite Bite' bite indicator - (client paid up) Triumph Herald   Green
1980 Teacher of Art - Peterborough with White Vitesse bonnet
Developed new course in Technology - project based with lateral management structure.   We were at the cutting edge of curriculum development.
1981 Designed helicopter landing light system - laser activated photoluminescent panels.  
1982 Client ran off with prototypes.
M.Phil. Awarded
1986 London University, Birkbeck College
1987 Dip.Comp.Sc.
Married my darling wife, Christine
1988 Software Development - Clevedon
Computer based training system
1991 New training company - Broughton Communications
Designed Portable Flip Chart Stand - patent applied for  (failed)
Supply teaching
also (Voluntary) -
Weston Hospital - rewriting Hospital leaflets
Bristol City Museum.   Design touch screen / Direct videos
Advisory panel - Access to the Museum for disabled people
Captain - Clevedon Visually Handicapped Bowls Club
Teaching Basic Literacy and Numeracy to Adults
Founder Member, North Somerset Macular Sociery
2000 Began writing my novel
1 - 1 Tuition   Maths and Physics 'A' level
Bristol University - Training UK blind graduates:  interview skills, writing letters, giving a ptesentation etc.
2011 Finishing my novel this year -
"Tales From The Lazy W"
Did anyone go into publishing?