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Some 1971 Grads. enjoy a Total Solar Eclipse on the beach

Was it really just 40 years ago?

What a thrill it was to meet those not seen or heard of for 40 years. Learning a little of their exploits added to the fun of listening to tales of adventures together with highs and lows. What honesty was shown. Some measured the time in seconds to hear of successes that were well known through other channels. This really added to the whole weekend.

Talk about the latest engineering was minimal - especially when we saw at first hand what today's students have to learn. Not many micro-processors use thermionic valves it seems.

Molly and her team from the Alumni Office met and greeted us with aplomb and brilliantly practiced organisational skills. There were well over 300 people from various courses where students had graduated in 5 year gaps stretching from and including 1966 to 1991.

Below you will find photos taken of us meeting at various gatherings that include before and after those organised by the University - held on Saturday. Bath itself is featured in a smaller collection displayed here in the right hand column.

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