Bath Electricals & Electronics in Australia

Some 1971 Grads. enjoy a Total Solar Eclipse on the beach

Bath 1971 Electricals with thousands of Australians & visitors clapped the Sun!

Three couples planned separate long holidays in Australia to include meeting up in Port Douglas, Queensland to enjoy a Total Eclipse of the Sun just after dawn on 14th November 2012 - local time, 10 hours ahead of GMT.

The added clouds made the whole event so exciting. Fortunately a team from Panasonic - along the beach towards Cairns most probably - caught the key moment shown in the short collection below.







While in Sydney, Laurie Fineman and his wife Jean met up with Diana (Pharmacy) and John (Maths) Shipp seen in the first photo above, from the Bath Alumni group based in Australia. We shared stories of days in Bath over an ice-cream in the sun.

Many thanks to Molly and her team for encouraging us to make this link with past students who are having a very successful family life plus each with careers that they thank the University of Bath for helping them make so successful.

Link here to Australia - to see more photos taken on this month long trip kept on my Family & Friends website.


A Reunion of our classmates was held over the weekend of the 7-8 May 2011 at the University and various places around Bath. Click 'LINK' to visit the special page. Almost everyone that attended brought a partner to share the fun and swap stories about the things we all know so well about each other! No one attended everything as some things were run in parallel while others needed gap time to recuperate, often over a pint.

Little did we suppose that Bath University including the Electronic & Electrical Engineering course we took is now regarded by the Sunday Times to be in the top 10 best universities to get a degree in the UK. We may have started out in Bristol in late 1967 or later but many recalled their days in the City of beauty and elegance they have called Bath for hundreds of years.

A number of us have in recent years been meeting on summer weekends in Bath with our partners. Often we make a very good time of it by checking out the popular haunts like the Saracens Head in Broad Street and then visiting a few of the fabulous shops. To round things off a curry has been popular. In the summer of 2010 we also took a trip down the river to Bathampton and some of us met up with Bash and Nike his wife who flew over from Nigeria for a holiday later in the year.

Molly and the whole University Alumni team were so keen to meet us and did their utmost to ensure all the University re-union events and visits ran smoothly. They demonstrated how professional they are at ensuring such occasions are special and enjoyed by everyone.  

Do have a good look around this site and make contact with either the Alumni office, John Bennett or me - Laurie Fineman. Our information is on the Contacts page.

We plan to run this website so long as you enjoy and use this approach to keeping in touch. We plan to put information about ad-hoc get togethers - often centred on beer and curry. If anybody from the class wants or needs a place to stay when travelling about the UK then just let us know to see if we can find a spare room and a chance to meet up with others in the same area. Every 5 years we expect the University may organise a big event that will be well notified to all by post, email and this website for sure.

Do share this website with others from our class you know or happen to bump into.

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Below are a few photographs taken in recent times - in Bath, Caversham, Wantage and Hayle in Cornwall. We plan to add and change them with others you send us.


The 24hr Library - BU

Bash & Roger

'71 & todays freshers

John & Bash

Bash & Dick

Roman Baths


Do share this website with others from our class you know or perhaps just bump into. Try Google - some searches put us at the top!